Q: Why work for a Contract Manufacturer such as Avecia?

A: We have a broad customer base with multiple products in multiple stages of clinical development. In other words, we are not dependent on the success of a single product. We are also project driven, which translates to varied and new challenges; it’s not the same thing day in and day out. Plus we get the benefit of seeing results of our work and involvement in the process from beginning to end. It’s innovative and varied work.

Q: What is oligomedicine? 

A: Oligonucleotides are short strands of DNA or RNA. The core basis of human biology is that DNA makes RNA which, in turn, makes proteins that are critical to life. The abnormal production of protein is the cause of most human disease. We produce oligonucleotides that are used as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Oligonucleotides are used in clinical trials and launched commercial therapies.

Q: Why do employees enjoy working at Avecia?

A: At Avecia, you’ll find a real network of collaboration and support that’s backed by an open door policy to peers and management of various backgrounds. And while we’re focused on results, we still maintain our flexibility, enjoy camaraderie and a very friendly and supportive environment, and we have the benefit of work/life balance. Plus, the science is exciting.

Q: Where do I apply for a job?

A: Go directly to the job opportunities section of www.aveciacareers.com and click the “apply” button  on the position that you are interested in.

Q: What happens once I submit my resume?

A: You will receive an acknowledgement that your resume has been received. It will be reviewed by a recruiter for skill, experience and qualification match. If you are a match, we will contact you for an interview.

General inquiries and sales:oligoinfo@avecia.com | oligrow@avecia.com
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